A Guide On How To Be A Pre-Pre Order Product Seller

A Guide On How To Be A Pre-Pre Order Product Seller

The 21st century is the acceleration of technological advancements and digitization. Everyone is inclined to online shopping and E-selling. People’s daily needs are easily available on any online shopping site. This system of online shopping has saved people’s precious time, making the shopping process very simple and hassle-free. As the evolution and expansion of online shopping have changed the relationship between buyer and seller, the traditional way of selling goods has radically changed.

Most start-ups and entrepreneurs have chosen online modes to expand their business. 

Nowadays, most customers prefer pre-booking and pre-reservation of products. That’s why the need for pre-order products has become increasingly popular. 

Here Are Some Tips On How To Be a Pre Order Product Seller

What is a Pre-Order Product? 

Before knowing how to be a pre order product seller (เปิด รี ออ เด ร์ ทํา ยัง ไง, which is the term in Thai) it’s important to know what a pre-order product means to pre-order means to make an upfront purchase. Ordering and shipping take more than usual compared to regular transactions. Pre-stocking an item is not necessary when selling pre-order items. It is comparable to drop-shipping as a technique of retailing online, with the exception that exporting is exempted from having to manage the shipment directly.

Examples include clothes, fashion fabrics, supplements, snacks, foods, beverages, household appliances, stationary equipment, etc. 

Tips to Accept Pre-Orders Online 

Pre-order products are accepted mainly in two different ways:

  1. Pay Before The Order Arrives Pre-orders

are typically placed using this way. It means that the consumer makes the payment for the goods or makes a deposit for the amount necessary beforehand the store, the supplier, or both orders the item to be manufactured or imported following the customer’s purchase.

  1. Pay-later 

It is available for customers to place a product order first. The shop will then place its initial order for a specific number of items. When the goods have been delivered, the seller will sell them to the consumer in the order of payment receipt. In this manner, the vendor might need to set aside cash to purchase goods first.


To run a successful online pre-order business, you must find your product type, develop a sales funnel, an authentic pre-order site, and a convenient transportation channel. Hence, make sure you follow all the steps.