Blackstone 22 Griddle – A Portable Culinary Powerhouse for On-the-Go Cooking Adventures

Blackstone 22 Griddle – A Portable Culinary Powerhouse for On-the-Go Cooking Adventures

Even though BBQs 2u offers a ton of smoker recipes, many of you might enjoy this flat cooktop meal since it is summertime. 

You will come to the conclusion that it is truly necessary after using it for a while since you will be able to cook a lot more now that you have purchased it.

Introducing the Blackstone 22in griddle, which will revolutionize outdoor cooking. With this portable griddle, you can cook on-the-go at the park, camper, or tailgate. 

Its two “H” shaped burners allow it to heat up quickly and evenly, distributing 24,000 BTUs of heat for the best cooking results over the entire griddle. 

You can clean up quickly thanks to the Rear Grease Management System, and the hood keeps everything tidy until you are ready to cook again. It also attaches to a 20-pound propane tank. 

Anywhere you go, you can take your new favourite griddle with you thanks to the 22″ Griddle Carry Bag. 

This custom-made cover fits both your griddle and hood! You won’t have to worry about the weather thanks to the weather-resistant material, heavy-duty zipper, and handles. You may now enjoy cooking anything, anywhere, at any time, with ease!


  • 361 square inch cooking area
  • Two Separately Operated Cooking Zones Totalling 24,000 BTUs
  • Integrated Rear Grease Management System and Painted Hood Patented
  • Rubber feet with an adjustable height for stability on uneven surfaces
  • Sturdy Carry Bag Specifically Made to Fit 22″ 
  • Griddles with a 20-pound propane tank and a hood 
  • Propane tank not included
  • Adaptor hose included.


  • Brand: Blackstone
  • Dimensions:  Width – 27.5”, Depth – 24.5”, Height -13”
  • Fuel Type: Propane
  • Main Burners: 24,000 BTU
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Total Cooking Space: 361 sq. in
  • Weight: 37.5 lb

Blackstone is a corporation that emerged as a leader in all things griddle-related almost overnight. The best thing about Blackstone is that they constantly strive for innovation. 

They have griddles in a variety of sizes, ranging from their flagship 36-inch model, which was introduced in 2008, to a 17-inch model. 

They even have an air fryer integrated inside the griddle. They offer every imaginable griddle fan’s attachment along with all these diverse griddle models.

Thus, you can be sure that anything you purchase bearing the Blackstone logo is coming from a specialist in the industry. 

Your task is to determine whether the Blackstone 22 griddle is as good as their previous models and how it compares to other brands’ comparable griddles.

Can you fry fish on your Blackstone griddle?

Of course. To ensure it does not stick, lightly coat with canola or olive oil. It won’t take long to achieve the ideal fork tenderness, so keep a watch on it.

Why buy from BBQs 2u?

Since 2010, BBQs 2u, a small, independent family business, has been selling pizza ovens and barbecues online. 

Investing in a Blackstone griddle can yield endless enjoyment and delicious meals for a lifetime!  Invest with confidence, knowing that BBQs 2u will offer you the after-sales service in the UK.