Here Are Eight Facts to Consider Before Renting Temporary HVAC Gear

Here Are Eight Facts to Consider Before Renting Temporary HVAC Gear

If you need a temporary hvac system this summer, be ready to put it in place as soon as possible, whether it’s for planned maintenance or an unexpected emergency. Gathering the following data regarding your prospective rental location will help you get started as soon as possible:

First, what is the overall context?

In a phrase or two, please explain how much cooling or heating is required. Example: “On October 1, 2019, at our Florida hotel location, we aim to replace a 500Ton water-cooled chiller in an HVAC application,” indicating the requirement for a rental.

When do you hope to begin working here, and for how long is the lease?

Do you require the rental ASAP because of an unexpected event? Is it anything that will take place on a specific date and last for a specified period of time, such an outage, equipment change, or pilot plant? Is it for something that “may” happen, like a “contingency plan,” or does it rely on the failure of specialized machinery?

How many tons of refrigeration are required?

If a unit has failed or is being serviced, you may need to replace it with a new one, but the number of Tons of chilling power you really require may differ from the number you have had available in the past. Making sure you true size the amount you are actually using might help you save money and be more efficient. Maybe you can get by with a little less than you expect! Air conditioners, cooling towers, and boilers are all examples of HVAC rental equipment, thus the same questions should be answered before making any purchases or commitments.

Inquiring as to the size of the space you have available for lease

While we are experts at coming up with creative answers to difficult space limits in and around our rentals, it helps to have some idea of what that looks like in advance. How many square feet are we talking about here? Can you name any surrounding landmarks that could prove problematic during the installation process? Is there room on the ground floor, or would a rooftop location be preferable?

How far is it to the energy center?

It’s certain that there will be occasions when the location of the rental HVAC system isn’t ideal in terms of proximity to the actual cooling/heating site. Here is where our professionals use their imagination in terms of system design to provide you exactly what you want. The question is how far is it?

Sixth, how much power (amps) and voltage are available?

How much juice do we have? In 3-phase, how many Amps are we talking about? I’m curious, what voltage are we talking about? If there are many disconnects for the power source, how many are there and what amperage do they each have? While the numbers around generators can be shocking, many locations choose to use internal power whenever possible for their rental due to the belief that doing so will reduce their total operating costs. But have you had a look at your power bill lately to verify that? Numbers are the key to making a wise choice.

Are you in charge of a historically important old building?

While few things can match the charm of a historic building or site, working within the constraints imposed by the structure’s age and design or by preservation laws can be difficult. Having a head’s up on what they might be will help us prevent any unpleasant surprises on the day of, and will guarantee that we provide the best possible comfort with the least amount of intrusion.

The eighth question is, “What kind of compliance with regulations is needed?”

Is there a designation of “Hazardous” in the NEC for this area? (C&D Group, Class 1) I was wondering if there were any limits placed on the amount of pollution that might be released from running a cooling tower, a generator, or How about a set of standards for setting up or breaking down machinery in a clean room? We are accustomed to working in highly regulated sectors, such as the food and pharmaceutical industries, and can assure you that your rental will be in full compliance.

Knowing the answers to these questions, or at least having a good concept of what they are, will put you in a great position to make your commercial HVAC rental happen quickly, easily, and effectively. With this data in hand, we’ll always come in at or below your projected costs and on schedule to meet your strict specifications.

Exactly how did you fare? Feel confident in your ability to answer all eight questions? Our team has worked in this field for quite some time and has encountered every possible use case. If you need help developing a strategy that is tailored to the needs of your institution, please get in touch with us and a technical advisor will respond shortly.