Some common facts about rubber flooring you should know

Some common facts about rubber flooring you should know

You may have noticed special rubber flooring in many playgrounds around you. The surface does not look like asphalt or any other traditional pavement that you know. This is not surprising, as more and more playgrounds and sports facilities are switching from old-fashioned floors to more efficient, modern solutions. This includes rubber play flooring

The popularity of rubber flooring

Recycled rubber products have made incredible leaps in the past few years. In particular, the rubber playground flooring industry is rapidly developing and creating not only attractive flooring options; rubber playground floor tiles are also durable, weather-resistant, shock-absorbing, and significantly reduce noise. These are unusual properties and are very popular where children play.

Advantages of rubber flooring for playground

Floors made from recycled rubber have the following advantages:

  • They have it easy. Recycled rubber products are very durable. Your floors last!
  • New colors and patterns give your floors a stylish look. The rubber surfaces of the playground are non-slip and safe for children and adults.
  • Dirt-free and easy to clean. The excellent sound-absorbing properties will make these floors ideal for playgrounds, classrooms, hallways, home gyms and sports, and leisure facilities.
  • Considering all the costs that a floor incurs over its lifetime, rubber flooring is still an extremely cheap option. It has a maximum lifespan and is easier to maintain than most other playground floors.
  • This eco-friendly, recyclable product made from tires is in high demand among eco-friendly individuals and organizations.

Buying advice
It’s not every day you go out and buy rubber playground flooring. So learn about your options and suppliers that promote recycled rubber products. The tips below can help you find the best deal.

  • Explore rubber flooring options, including tile size. Like all floors, you have different sizes and thickness levels. Look for suppliers that offer volume discounts. If they announce a sale, wait until the sale starts before ordering rubber playground tiles. If you don’t have a specific tile color and pattern set, look for flooring suppliers who offer discounts on pre-assembled tiles or who often drop prices on less popular colors.
  • Research the reputation of your flooring supplier. Contact your requested reference to determine if the floor is performing as intended. Politely ask who installed the rubber flooring in the playground and if it worked properly.
  • Finding an A-level installer is just as important as buying the best flooring. to maintain.
  • Never use abrasive cleaning pads or steel wool on rubber playground floors.
  • Avoid cheap colored cleaning pads as they can stain the floor.

Simply use a soft hand brush to remove heavily soiled areas. Acidic solvents can damage rubber floors. Don’t use them!