Understand How Electric Vehicle is Shipped Safely

Understand How Electric Vehicle is Shipped Safely

It is a well-known fact that electric vehicle is a little different than normal fuel vehicle. Hence, its requirements are different when you transport it to another place. Many electric vehicle owners feel that shipping their cars is similar to other cars. It is true with a slight difference as the transporters take extra efforts to maintain the safety of the vehicle while shipping it.

In the USA, Americans have no worries while they decide to transport their electric car to any part of the country. It is because they have some top-rated transporters ready to ship their electric vehicle to any part of the country like Ship A Car, Inc. Once, you hire their services there isn’t any need to worry about your car safety. You can gain more info about them by visiting their official website.

More in line about the shipping of electric vehicles:

  • The hybrid vehicle batteries mark the prime difference in shipping them. The batteries are huge and heavy compared to other charging batteries. Thus, the vehicle becomes quite heavier than the normal vehicle.
  • The transporters need to take extra care while shipping the electric cars because of the lithium ion batteries in them. The shippers need added license and special insurance coverage to transport hybrid cars.
  • There is a need for high safety measures to apply as the lithium ion battery of the cars can get heated easily and blow up. The fire can’t be extinguished easily thus there are high chance of the whole trailer blowing up. Unfortunately, if the battery blows there will be an explosion damaging the car and the truck carrying it.

Now, the question arises in everyone’s mind that why there is a need to ship an electric car:

  • Driving the car yourself or by hiring a driver across the country is a potential hazard to the car. It is because the car will soon be needing repair service as its parts will be subjected to wear and tear fast.
  • There are chances of a car breaking down on the roads and you need immediate help to repair it.
  • It will be expensive compared to shipping your hybrid car.

The only beneficial way to ship your electric car is by hiring a professional transporter who has trained staff and has a license to transport hybrid vehicle. They will maintain high shipping standards that include taking extreme safety measures.

Know, how to prepare your electric car before shipping it:

  • You don’t have to remove the batter from the car. However, it will be safer to secure them tightly so that it doesn’t move so that there will be negligible chances of occurring short circuit.
  • Fully clean the vehicle to take its clear snaps closely. It helps to know whether any damages occurred during transportation to claim afterward.
  • Remove all the movable and valuable things from inside the car.
  • Any kind of automated system needs to be switched off like alarms and even automated toll pass.

The shipping cost of the electric car would be similar to that of any gas-fuel cars. Sometimes due to the weight of the car, the transporting charges may increase. There is no need to be stressed once you have hired a professional transported to ship your hybrid car.