All That You Need To Know About Slide Bearings

All That You Need To Know About Slide Bearings

One can also refer to slide bearings as plane or sliding. It encompasses an array of mechanical components that are grouped as fluid film bearings. The main purpose of using a slide bearing is the fact that it reduces the friction between two sliding surfaces. Moreover, it also plays a major role in reducing the friction between reciprocating and rotating surfaces. Before using LMK slide bearing (ลูกปืนสไลด์ LMK, which is the term in Thai), you need to know about it. Here are some of the facts that one should know before using slide bearings

Facts That You Need To Know About Slide Bearing

Slide bearings are generally lightweight. Due to that, they have a long operating life that helps to minimize noise and vibration. Here are the different bearings that one can use to make their work convenient.

  • Plastic Bearings

These bearings are made of resin material and have slippery shafts or services. You can use it in a wide range of machine components and fields. Due to its lightweight, it has a wide variety of uses. These bearings also exhibit excellent plastic workability and are mostly chemical and water-resistant.

  • Oil Impregnated Bearings

Such bearings have oil-impregnated porous bodies. They are composed of metal powder. Due to the pores in its body, it offers efficient lubrication.

  • Spherical Plain Bearings

They are the self-aligning bearings that come with sliding spherical services. They can support the axial loads or radial loads in both directions. You can understand it is ideal for an aligning and vibrating movement. You can widely use it in Industrial and construction machinery.

Selection And Sizing Of Slide Bearings

Why you are selecting a slide bearing, you need to understand that certain basics influence the fluid film bearing. Such basics include the rotating speed, viscosity, and the bearing load unit. Apart from that, one needs to take the following considerations into mind while selecting slide bearings.

  • The bearing must achieve a thick film lubrication
  • The bearing should have an adequate lubricant
  • One must consider the shaft deflection
  • Oil should flow completely through the bearing for efficient usage
  • Pay attention to the start and stop of the bearing, as it needs to be done at low bearing pressure.

Bottom Line 

As you come to the concluding part of this article, you have known about the different kinds of slide bearings and their work. Sometimes it is important for the bearing to be neither smooth nor too rough. Only then your bearing would be compatible with the shaft material and provide the user the optimum efficiency.