Get appealing visuals with the 7 days candle

Get appealing visuals with the 7 days candle

Candles are one of the most aesthetic décor items for a household. It warms the ambiance of the room and creates a serene environment. Generally, a candle is placed in a place of worship or under a wall hanging to highlight it more. Thus, a candle plays an important role overall. One of the downsides of a candle is it cannot burn for a long time and gets extinguished after some time when the wax is burned out. This is where, today’s item, the 7 days candles comes into the spotlight. It is a unique type of candle that can burn for a week, adding other elements to it, which will be discussed throughout the article.

Now you must be wondering what other elements were mentioned earlier. These candles burn for a week and represent different aspects of our life symbolically. In one way or the other, the number 7 is tied to our lives. There are 7 days in a week, 7 main musical notes, and 7 colors in a rainbow and it goes on and on in different fields altogether. The world is a diverse place to live in, where good and evil coexist. These candles help us to remember the beauties of the world, and the breathtaking experiences we have had in our life. To make a contrast, it also makes us reiterate the wickedness faced in reality.

The candles come in different colors and are also available in the 7 colors of the rainbow or the VIBGYOR, namely violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. There are other colors like black and white available in these candles. It is a visually appealing way in which different aspects of our life are represented. It is believed that the black-colored candle has the mystical powers to protect us from dark spirits and guard us against evil. Legends like these revolve around other colored candles as well where the white candle is a mythic item said to be the symbol of purity, innocence, and the pinnacle of spirituality. The white candle guides us on a path of good. The candles showing different colors of the rainbow show us the diversity we face in the world, the vast gulf in cultures traditions, food, clothing, and people. It teaches us to keep an open mind always and accept changes with open arms. It teaches an important lesson to adjust to everything and keep enjoying life.

Priced at 8 dollars online, these can be easily found and bought for your home. Considering the values it brings into our lives, they are a product worth its price. Some multicolor candles are also new in the market. Being inexpensive and visually appealing items, these religious candles create a vibrant atmosphere and positive energy all around our house for a complete week. This is why these have grown in popularity over the past few years and people are opting to have one burning at all times of the week. Providing a scent, a color, and most importantly, a positive energy and spirituality in our home, these candles have become an irreplaceable item to many.

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