Global Crossing EtherSphere Portfolio for Ethernet WAN Solutions and VPL Services

Global Crossing’s EtherSphere Portfolio provides globalEthernet-based WAN solutions and VPL services that improve connectivity between geographically spread locations, offer diversity, and provide the versatility that companies require to lessen network management costs. Delivered employing a ‘cisco’-powered platform, it integrates market leading features that provide both ecurity and privacy while still offering users full routing control with rapid and versatile service provisioning.

Global Crossing EtherSphere Portfolio provides global Ethernet-based WAN solutions and VPL services to improve connectivity, diversity and versatility between geographically spread locations


Scalability – EtherSphere’s network is ideal for Converged IP services, and provides a large-varying of applications to enable them to improve efficiency, with speeds not the same as 1Mb to 2Gb:

1 Mb increments from 1-10 Mb

5 Mb increments from 10-100 Mb

25 Mb increments from 100-1000 Mb

100 Mb increments from 1000-2000 Mb

More than 2 Gb on request

Easy Billing – traditional VPL services need a bandwidth commitment. EtherSphere, however, offers a usage-base billing component, that makes it ideal for disaster recovery and back-up implementations

Performance Assurance – EtherSphere offers optional finish-to-finish Service Level Contracts (SLAs) and often measures finish to accomplish frame delivery, delay and delay variation by Type of Service (CoS) between locations

Improved Traffic Management – lobal Crossing’s EtherSphere enhances circuit efficiency by assisting customers in scheduling and shaping individuals to better align with data profiles

Smart Demarc – deployed whatsoever user sites, Smart Demarcation Network Interface Device (NID) offers standards-based finish-to-finish connectivity fault management

Flexible Service Types:

Point-to-Point – offers site-to-site connectivity similar to Ethernet PLs

Point-to-Multipoint – much like traditional PL fan-out service, point-to-multipoint offers hub-and-spoke connectivity for service multiplexing, which will help for multiple Ethernet virtual connections inside the user-to-network interface

Multipoint-to-Multipoint – offers any-to-any multi-point data connectivity through which every site seems on a single Ethernet network – no matter its location

Achieve – Global Crossing’s extensive footprint offers WAN solutions in almost 700 towns along with over 60 countries on 6 continents via IP Virtual private network services connectivity

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