How Effective is Archiving Text Messages and Call Monitoring

With the rise of SMS and instant messaging, companies have found that these tools offer unique advantages. They allow employees to communicate quickly and easily while promoting strong two-way communication. But there are also some risks associated with these technologies. For example, a company can accidentally leak sensitive information to the wrong person. This could lead to litigation or regulatory requests. The good news is that recordingtext messages are an easy way to mitigate these risks and protect one’s organization. Here are a few reasons why entrepreneurs should archive their texts and conduct call monitoring:

One of the main reasons that organizations archive their text messages is to maintain compliance with Federal regulations and internal policies. Most agencies have some type of regulation, such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)or the GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act), that requires them to retain communications.

Obedience to the regulations is important because they can help ensure the company is not sued and that all the business information is available when needed.

In addition to ensuring that a firm’s customers are satisfied, call monitoring can help improve the quality of its customer care calls. By evaluating their agents’ performance, they can identify the best performers and those who need improvement.

Call monitoring can also train new employees and give feedback on their calls. For instance, if the company has a low-performing agent who needs help answering common questions, they can prepare them by listening to their calls and providing feedback.

These are the common factors that made compliance with text archiving and call monitoring beneficial. This is why it is significant for enterprises to obey, as it will save them from unnecessary situations and enhance their work activities.

If you are a compliance officer and have difficulty finding a strategy in terms of compliance, see this infographic below, brought to you by TeleMessage, to learn more about the most effective obedience tactics: