The Importance of Gold Mangalsutra in Marriages and Beyond

The Importance of Gold Mangalsutra in Marriages and Beyond

In Indian culture, the gold mangalsutra is significant, especially for married women. It is one of the most essential elements of every traditional Hindu marriage. It symbolizes the marital status of Indian women and she wears it until the husband is alive or in a relationship.

‘mangalsutra’ is derived from two Sanskrit words, ‘mangal’ meaning auspicious, and ‘sutra’ meaning thread or cord. It is a necklace made of black and gold beads. It is tied by the groom around the bride’s neck in the presence of the whole family during the wedding ceremony. The priest chants holy mantras while the ceremony is performed. It is believed that black beads in the gold mangalsutra can protect the couple from negative energies and evil spirits. The gold beads and chain symbolize prosperity, wealth, good luck, and purity.

In Indian culture, it is essential to wear the mangalsutra daily. It is considered one of the essential pieces of jewellery that remind every woman about her commitment to her husband. Many families consider it disrespectful if the woman does not wear the mangalsutra daily, as it signifies her marital status.

Over time, the design and style of mangalsutra are changed according to the taste of the modern bride. You will find different styles and designs, ranging from traditional to contemporary ones. But many women prefer to follow their legacy and love to wear traditional mangalsutra only. For example, if you notice any Maharashtrian woman, you will always find her wearing the traditional watimani mangalsutra.

The sacred thread holds sentimental values as well. For a woman, it symbolises a never-ending bond with her husband. Therefore, respecting her sentiments and allowing her to choose this is always suggested. This is so because a mangalsutra is given from the groom’s side to the bride on her wedding day. Many in-laws buy the design of their choice and do not ask the bride about it. But it’s her sacred thread which she will wear her entire life. It is good to ask her opinion. This also enhances her bond with her in-laws.

The design of the gold mangalsutra also varies from region to region. Many prefer to have a pendant attached to a simple chain, while in some parts of India, it has a complex design with intricated patterns. But the main part remains the same. Almost all the mangalsutra designs have black beads in them. The design of the pendant may vary from region to region. The pendant is usually made of gold but many modern brides prefer diamonds or other precious stones in the pendant of their mangalsutra.

It is always recommended that buy it from an authentic jeweler who made it of high quality and purity. It is often 22K or 24K gold, considered the best for making jewellery. The weight of the gold mangalsutra can vary depending on the buyer’s design and budget.